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YP Reviews:  We want to thank our clients for being willing to share their experience with us!

I've never met someone more friendlier than Lloyd. I was introduced to Lloyd by one of my employees and I've never been more pleased with my experience. He helped trained my Great Dane Saint Bernard mixed puppy Maximus at just eight weeks old, as you can imagine an eight week old puppy was a handful, but with Lloyds knowledge and training after one session Maximus was on his way to becoming an excellent dog. Lloyd did not only train Maximus but in a funny way also trained me. Lloyd encouraged me to participate in the training process and was very patient while doing it, he took the time to teach me the proper steps of training my first dog. Lloyd also gave me some helpful tips on ways to make it easier when teaching Maximus on my own. I really liked the fact that when I was either having trouble with Max or just had a question Lloyd was their through email to answer any of my questions. As I said before I could not be more pleased with Lloyd and his training methods.   Rich, Hampton, NH

Each time we drive into L.E.A.D., our dog is greeted at the car by Lloyd Mosher and gently escorted into his beautiful home establishment.  Without exception, our goldendoodle, whether mildly or massively dirty and matted, comes wagging out of Lloyd’s gentle groomings as a thoroughly clean, sleek, and happy dog.  Lloyd is unusually accommodating in scheduling and beyond reasonable in his fees.  I would recommend Lloyd’s grooming services to any dog lover. The Brightons, Dublin, NH

We have the perfect dog thanks to Lloyd Mosher.  When we took Cooper home three years ago we didn't want to make the same mistakes we made with our last two dogs.  We didn't work with a trainer and our dogs didn't listen.  We called Lloyd when Cooper was a couple of months old and it was a life changer.  Cooper displayed puppy behavior such as nipping, being possessive of bones and pulling while I walked him.  Enter Lloyd, in just a couple of training sessions these problems were solved.  Yes, Lloyd trained my husband and me.  We now have a loving obedient three year old 80 pound Golden-doodle that we can take anywhere.  Lloyd keeps him looking handsome and takes great care of him while we are away.  He is a one stop shop.         Pat, Nashua

When we first met Lloyd a few years ago, our then 10-year old miniature schnauzer, Coco, had developed some bad habits including begging at the dinner table, acting aggressively to other dogs and barking for food while I was preparing meals. Lloyd taught us the techniques to use to successfully correct these behaviors. After just a few training sessions Coco's behaviors were under control and he was remarkably more relaxed almost all the time. My girlfriend and I even started walking our dogs together – something I never would have dared before then. Lloyd's style with Coco was kind, gentle and very loving. I recommend Lloyd to help train dogs of any age.
We also use Lloyd to care for Coco whenever we go away. It is very comforting to know that Coco is sleeping in his own bed, with his own toys, and also playing with other dogs while we are away. Additionally, Lloyd knows all of Coco's past "issues" and gently reminds him of proper behavior, if needed.                Eileen, Nashua
We can’t say enough great things about Lloyd and L.E.A.D dog. His professional advice and counsel helped us immeasurably with the addition of our two Cocker Spaniel puppies in November of 2013.  He made us think about the important balance of exercise, discipline and affection and how striking that perfect balance truly leads to a happy dog and a happy household. We met with him before we got the puppies and again after the puppies came when our male Cocker Spaniel was having raging fits, thrashing and snarling. He was a fearful dog and needed a lot of work but with Lloyd’s professional guidance our dog Boots has matured and become a real love.
We have also utilized Lloyd’s sitting services. His convenient pickup and delivery makes getting out of town so much easier. When we send them off to Lloyds we think of them as being at camp not cooped up in a crate or a kennel in a strange unfamiliar scary place. They have an opportunity to be socialized with other dogs and kids while staying with Lloyd and his family and I can tell they look forward to going and when we get them back they are happy to see us and not traumatized by their time away from home.  Trish and Kevin McKowen, Bedford, N.H.
L.E.A.D. Dog is hands down the best dog care provider I have ever used. I was introduced to Lloyd through neighbors who had used him for behavioral training and I couldn't have been more pleased with my experience. He trained my 180lb English Mastiff with ease over a short period of time. Even after the first session, my dog was amazingly more obedient in a variety of different settings. Lloyd also encourages owner participation and takes time to teach/refresh owners on dog etiquette, proper leash use etc. I learned that my own actions were actually causing my dog to be disobedient at times. I also use L.E.A.D. Dog for pet sitting and grooming services. I moved out of state last year yet I continue to use Lloyd for the sake of my dog. My dog and I have formed a trusting relationship with Lloyd. As an owner who likes to travel, it's been wonderful knowing my dog is safe, happy, and well-cared-for under Lloyd's direction. I consider it an added bonus that my dog always returns to me just as obedient, if not more, than when I left him. I've put much effort into training my gentle giant to be obedient and can see the potential for bad behavior to redevelop by leaving him in someone else's care. Bottom line is Lloyd is an expert behaviorist, is a great communicator, and is passionate about his work. L.E.A.D. Dog won't disappoint!  JeeSoo, Boston, MA

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